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Why choose Wingo Visual Arts over the myriad of talented photography and videography companies out there?

Experience, equipment, skills, convenience, personality.

I have been shooting for decades...since the days of manual SLR cameras and film. Experienced photographers will agree that people who cut their teeth on manual cameras shooting film have a unique and valuable understanding of the craft that has been somewhat lost.

I am a Certified Professional Photographer, a designation given to me by the Professional Photographers of America after taking a detailed photography knowledge test and submitting photos for evaluation.

We use the best equipment. We have modern, high megapixel digital cameras, with efficient lighting, shooting RAW and processed using sophisticated software on powerful computers.

We have the skill. The skills we have can be seen on the web site. We take the experience and equipment and produce great results.

We make it easy for you. For portraits, we bring the studio to you and produce studio results in your home or work place.

All that being said, working with us is fun. We strive to make your shoot a pleasant experience.

Put this all together and we will get the results you are looking for.

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